I was about to decide that I had to forge a co-existence pact with the German Roaches (and other) that occupied my kitchen and master bath. Then I called Dennis at Alpha. It took only a day or so for the bait the put down to start to work. And from that point on, the bu population began to die off. Now--a couple of weeks later-- I'm not seeing any of the cruddy things. Dennis accomplished what another company didn't.

Richard Huggins

Great service

Steven McMillan

I am very pleased with this company. I called regarding having wasps in my attic. He was here the next day, was friendly, very thorough and informative.
I will definitely use this company again if needed.

Lisa Cowley

Thank you so much Seth Newberry and Alpha Pest Control!! I had raccoons in my attic for too long. Within 2 days of the traps being there they were caught. Thank you for your quick response and action!! I will definitely recommend!!

Rachael Hefelfinger

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